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Well, I have sold a few copies of my book on Amazon.  I have gotten some feedback, and nobody who has read the first book has told me they didn’t like it (there is even one review out there on Amazon).  This could be because they are too polite, or too scared, or too apathetic, or it could be because the book is pretty good.  In fact, everybody says they have liked it with some comments like “…but I didn’t know how to pronounce the names” or “Would you consider adding a table of contents?”  All of these are good, constructive criticism.  I am considering renaming all of my characters John and Bubba to address the first issue.  Really…

Seriously, I am writing the second book in that series.  As of right now I have finished 14 chapters (plus the prologue at the beginning) and it is about 10% longer (in words and pages) than book one.  I think I have 6-10 more chapters in that book and I hope to finish it by the end of the summer (August).  Currently, I hope to finish Book 2 by August 2012, Book 3 by February 2013, Book 4 by August 2013, and Book 5 by August 2014 (it might take longer to wrap it all up).  That might be ambitious, but you never know.

Anyway, when I finish posting Book One by chapters over the next week or so, I intend to post the prologue for Book Two to whet your appetite for that, and then I was thinking I might post a few small columns I have written.