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So, I can tell you that if you sell a surprisingly small number of eBooks in a few days (three in three days) you end up rising pretty high in the Amazon ranks.  When you consider the fact that there are something like 1.37M Kindle eBooks available, including over 150k released in the last 90 days, the fact that I hit the following mark is a little funny to me:

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #50,184 Paid in Kindle Store

So, by selling three books in three days, I hit the top 4% of Paid books in their store and the top third of books released over the past three months.  If I were cynical I might wonder about the future of self-published eBooks.

Anyway, I have updated the cover (thanks to the help of an artistically talented friend and former co-worker, James Climer.

Head on over to Amazon and see what you think of the cover now (and they even let you read the prologue and first chapter and a half or so by clicking the cover of the book).