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For over twenty years now I have played RPGs, computer games, etc.  A few years ago a friend of mine, Shawn Fisher, who wrote this and this and this, was looking for a new kind of bad guy for a GURPS campaign he was getting ready to run.  I suggested a race of semi-sentient upright wolves and called them the vergrinn.  The vergrinn were fleshed out a little and made an appearance or two in a campaign he ran, but after I created them I started to wonder where an entire race of such creatures would come from and how their interactions with people (humans) would be viewed.

The campaign went along and introduced a couple of young characters who were unlikely best friends named Amundr and Saegrimr, and they went on an incredible journey.  That campaign ended and life moved us along.  Shawn went off to get his PhD in history and the rest of us were wondering what to do to get our gaming fix.  We discussed having someone else run a campaign in place of Shawn, and I immediately came up with an idea for an intriguing journey full of suspense, action, and surprises.  I sat down and wrote up an outline for a several part adventure, and was thoroughly excited.  Needless to say, one of the other guys volunteered to run a campaign and we let him.

The outline of the adventure that never happened bounced around in my head for several years before I finally decided that I had to let it out.  I sat down one day and wrote a prologue, and then did nothing.  I talked about it with a good friend of mine and he liked it.  I sat down again and before I knew it I had a couple of chapters written.

In four short weeks, I had written The Vergrinn War:  Book One.  Before I was done with Book One, I had decided that there would be five books.  I wrote the prologues to books four and five (and wrote a summary of the prologues for books two and three) and had firmly in mind the high level outline/objectives of each remaining book.  I also wrote the epilogue of the last book, but I have already scrapped and re-written that.

I was originally going to publish all five books as eBooks via Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, but I have since decided that I will publish the first book free and see if anyone likes it enough to buy the second book as an ebook.  The second book is about halfway done, so I will start publishing chapters of the first book now and continue (and hopefully have the second book done around the time I have fully published the first online).

As I sat down to write these stories, I made the conscious decision to write them from the perspective of a parent of young children (who would not want his children reading anything inappropriate) as well as from a Christian worldview.  This means there is no foul language and there are no inappropriate relationships portrayed.  The overall theme as well as many specific elements can clearly be traced to Christianity.  If you like stories like The Chronicles of Narnia, The Chronicles of Prydain, and The Hobbit, I think you’ll like these.

I hope you enjoy this.  Please let me know what you think.